Zukul Ad Network Company Reviewed and Tested

Today we are going to Talk about Zukul ad network

Let me start of by saying Zukul Ad Network/ZAN is one of the best online business sites on the web. Did you know it only launched on the 1st of April 2016 and NO it is not an Aprils fools prank.. It is owned by the great leader Jeremy Rush. There is also a terrific website called Zukul owned by Jeremy, which was launched in 2014. Most people that was in zukul joined ZAN before april 1st and if they didn’t they joined directly after.

I believe this is one of the best business concepts of the 21st Century. With its smart and easy to use system, It’s diverse and suitable for all age groups. Whether you are just a young adult that is just starting out and is looking for a business opportunity or you are of retirement age and is looking for extra income or a great business plan to give you the best life. Anyone can join providing they are over eighteen and ready to learn and work with it. A monkey could join and get great results it’s that simple!!!


I believe that we have the best information and up to date programs at our doorstep and we just need to get off our couch and grab it with both hands. This business has reliable and hands on people behind the scene with massive leaders increasingly taking Zukul ad network  to the next step. Which is essential to lifting ZAN of the ground and putting it on the map. ZAN is a consistent business and is continually growing and advancing each and every day. This business is constantly bypassing goals and fast becoming one of the top work from home opportunities. With that said you don’t have to work from home it can be at the beach on your mobile or on holidays on your Tablet.

Another reason why this business is sky rocketing to the top is because of it’s members which is called the one link family the reason why is simple we are one big TEAM. ONE LINK FAMILY, GET IT? We promote one link and we grow as a family and a community. We know this is smart and is a positive step for all members. Our feeling is that if we do this then everyone is getting the benefits from it as we are building our team. We share information, tips, and methods to help us on our journey so no one gets stuck and if they do, all they have to do is reach out to someone in the one link family or post it on the group. They will exchange information and get it sorted, It’s as Simple as Pie.

Let talk about how different ZAN is from other Revenue sharing companies.

3 level affiliate programs

Almost all other revenue sharing companies only pay you on the personal recruits you bring in, but in ZAN they pay you for up to three levels.

Not vulnerable to 3rd party payment processors

Many of the biggest revenue share companies were vulnerable to 3rd party payment processors, But with ZAN this has never happened and will never have funds frozen up. As they use Paytoo.

Advertising on 3rd party websites

In ZAN you have multiple advertising options to advertise outside the website itself, on publishers websites, blogs and more. Plus the company has many products that zukuladnetwork members can advertise on as well. They also have a blogging platform that is free to use so members can place advertisements on there as well. There are also more products to be created/announced. Most other websites do not have these features and you mostly can only advertise on there website, I’m `not saying this is bad, but ZAN is more like a One Stop Shop meaning they have more options to advertise than most revenue share sites.

Below we will talk about Adpack plans.

Revenue Sharing – There is different types of Adpacks ranging from level 1-10 displayed below costing between $1 to $50.

Level 1 = AdPacks Cost: $1 = Earnings: 120% Monthly = No Charge.
Level 2 = AdPacks Cost: $3 = Earnings: 120% Monthly = $3
Level 3 = AdPacks Cost: $5 = Earnings: 125% Monthly = $5
Level 4 = AdPacks Cost: $7 = Earnings: 125% Monthly = $7
Level 5 = AdPacks Cost: $10 = Earnings: 130% Monthly = $10
Level 6 = AdPacks Cost: $15 = Earnings: 130% Monthly = $15
Level 7 = AdPacks Cost: $20 = Earnings: 135% Monthly = $20
Level 8 = AdPacks Cost: $30 = Earnings: 135% Monthly = $30
Level 9 = AdPacks Cost: $40 = Earnings: 140% Monthly = $40
Level 10 = AdPacks Cost: $50 = Earnings: 150% Monthly = $50

Everybody begins with level 1 for you to move on to the next level you need a minimum of 100 ad packs. This also the same from 1 to 10 levels. The max you can purchase on each level from 1 to 9 is 200 ad packs. Currently on level 10 you can have a max of 2000.As shown on the table above starting at level 2 adpacks there is a monthly subscription before entering each additional adpack from level 2 and upwards.

Affiliate Income/Commission

There is a nice and neat 10% commission on each person you refer to ZAN and signs up under your Link Or if you purchased your downline which is explained in more detail below.

You can also refer as many as you wish, So I would advise referring others as you will see it all adds up when your referrals is also paying there monthly membership. SO KEEP CALM AND KEEP REFERRING!!!

Monthly membership commission

From the monthly membership you receive commissions down 3 levels so this is an additional benefit as well as the 10% that you already receive when your referrals buy adpacks.

Purchasing Your Downline

This is great for people that struggle to recruit others into there business, So how does this work you may be asking? So let me explain how it all works. Well firstly you have to buy directs which every package will land you with 2 paying referrals. So once you purchase your package, your link then enters into the company’s rotator and everyone in that rotator uses One link to share. Then the owner proceeds to buy quality traffic from places like Facebook, Google+ and many more sending it all to the one link. There is a limited amount of people allowed in the rotator at the one time. As orders get filled another person enters the rotator that way there is no clogging in the system/rotator. if you get my drift. You Can Watch A Video By Clicking Here.

Buy Your Downline Here Today!

ZukulAdNetwork or ZAN Downline growing

Here we show you a few examples of how your Adpack plans work

Imagine you have purchased 100 adpacks at level 1, In return you receive $120. Now lets assume you have two referrals in your downline and they have also purchased 100 adpacks on level 1. This mean you will be awarded $10 dollars commission from each referral. So that means that you earned $140. Resulting in your profit being $40.

example of earning in zukuladnetwork 1

Now lets imagine you are on level 2 and have purchased 100 adpacks then in return you would receive $360. Assuming you have 2 referrals and they have also bought 100 adpacks on level 2 then you will receive $30 commission from each referral. In this level you are also award a 3 level affiliate payment which comes to $1.18. This means your total return is $421.18. And your profit is $120. That is not counting in the $1.18 from the monthly affiliate payment.

example of earnings in zukuladnetwork 2

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Publisher Network

What’s fantastic about zukul ad network is that it also has a Publisher Network, This means that people that has a blog can signup at ZAN and become a publisher. Then place a piece of  code on their blog and get paid when anyone clicks on your banner adverts, which is great for bloggers looking to make an extra income from their new or existing blog/website. See Example Below.

This a example of the code to place on your blog or website on zukuladnetwork

Setting Up Your Account

Click On Register then start filling in the form making sure the Type Is Either (Advertiser/Publisher Or Affiliate) You can decide which one suits you. Ensure you have read all the terms and conditions before you create your account. Now see what to do now below.

Adding Funds To Your Account

You will need to hover over (Finances) and then Click on Add Funds, In order to add funds to your ZAN Account you will need to firstly set up a paytoo account. Which you can do so by clicking here, Then come back to get started adding funds to your account, When filling in the information on the page ensure you use the same email address you have used for paytoo. Then when you have completed adding your funds, Paytoo will send you a email, Then you just have to write your signature and it will be added to your ZAN account very soon after that. Continue steps below.

SURF ADS (Affiliates)

In order for your account to become and stay active you need to surf banner ads once daily. This can be found be hovering over (Business Directory) In your back office and by clicking on start surfing. (See Images Below). There are 10 ads that you need to surf which are just 10 seconds long. These banners ads are companies advertising their business. For you to successfully click your ads then you must stay on the site for 10 seconds. Then click on the top left button which displays ”completed this task”. This button will only show for a few seconds so keep watching and click the button asap. In ZAN when you surf ads you must not leave the ad half way through or it will just restart again. This is where you also want your ads/promotions to be featured.

Placing Your Banners (Affiliates Or Advertiser/Publisher)

In order to place your Banner Adverts You just have to hover (Business Directory) and click Manage Business Directory Ads. Click On Add My 468×60 Ad Banner To The Business Directory. Then Fill In your Details on the popup Box And make sure you up a banner image (468×60). Then Click OK and your all set to go. (See Images Below).

How to set up a banner in zukuladnetwork

Fill In Your Details On The Form Same As Shown Below

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Adding your banner to the program zukuladnetwork

Below You Will See A Banner Example Size Below (468×60)

zukuladnetwork business directory


So Zan/Zukul ad network is definitely one of the best Revenue Sharing companies out there. I believe this is down to the amazing and transparent owner Jeremy Rush and of course the ONE LINK FAMILY. With the knowledge, experience and spirit of the owner and the passion, commitment and enthusiasm of the members/One Link Family it’s no wonder why this rev share company is doing so well.

With hands on advice giving every day and videos, posts and information uploaded to social media sites several times a day no one is left behind on what’s going on. ZAN supply’s information on hangouts 3 times a week, were you can physically see the leaders and owner. It’s just great. There are step by step guides all over the web. Plus the owner is always working to make the business even better and more powerful. 


Goals are shown being completely bypassed and people are excited, so they should be. We Chris & Marie hope that you have learned some valuable information from our post. We have more tips about how to use the Directory listing as well, Like For example how Capture pages are important and about domain names That will make you stand out from the crowd and help you make even more money. Click here to see the post

Maybe you would like to see if others are really getting on good in this program. You can visit this website here revshareonsteroids.com

We hope to talk with you and help you. If you would like to contact us don’t hesitate, we are available. Plus you could just leave a comment below and we will respond back to that ASAP. Thanks and have a wonderful day/night.

Visit ZukulAdNetwork Here

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