Zukul Review – Everything You Need To Know

Here is an in depth review on all the tools and services that Zukul has to offer.

Zukul is a company that launched in 2014 and is owned by Jeremy Rush and is based in united kingdom. This man has a experienced background. There are many different tools in this program to choose from and as you will probably need them. For instance they have auto responder, URL shortener and tracker, banner creator. Landing page creator, Blogging system, Video submission tool and much more. Below is an example of the back office.

Zukul back office tour

Firstly we are going to give a brief introduction on each category of the my account section


In your profile you will see your personal information. This includes, Your Ref Link, Your sponsor name, Your email, name, address, phone Number, you can also ad in your social medial accounts, and upload a photo. Fill in all reliant information in the sections available and always ensure you fill in the correct information in the correct fields. You can always change any information if need be, as your circumstances may have changed. Now just save any changes you may have made to confirm your personal information. You can also enable or disable automatic payment this mean that you can renew your subscription using your paid earning from zukul. This will just come automatically come out of your earnings in the company

Capture Pages

Once you click on this button you will see a range of fantastic capture pages with all different texts, images, videos, cartoons and background and you can just choose the one that you want to promote. This will take you directly to the capture page. The URL is shown at the side of the capture pages and the URL is completely tracked to you, so then if anyone fills in there details in the boxes provided then they are your new leads. These pages look professional and inviting which is great for advertising. There is also a option to get the capture page creator on its own as well, We have done another post on that, See it Here.

A review of zukul and its capture page

View Leads

This is a simple layout and it’s where you view your leads that you have successfully. Your leads, upgraded leads and phone leads will be shown clearly in a list form, along with their name, email and when they were added. It is a great way of keeping track of your leads and seeing when the lead was generated.

My Directs

So in My Directs you can see your paid directs, unpaid directs, when they are up for renewal, your rotator and your rotator statement. It is also in a clear list form, which shows some of the information like the directs name, email, phone, level, when they joined, what you’ve earned from each, signups, if they were delivered and your balance etc. As you can see it is easy and clear to read. My Directs ( 3 Levels) This basically shows you your directs and their information down 3 levels.

My Funnel

This is your funnel showing all your downline some with picture and their information displayed for you to see. It shows all the information like their name, email, level, volume of their funnel, funnel levels. Also their social media if they displayed it and more this is seen if you right clicked on the image. Its a great way to getting to know your downline and connecting with them. You can then exchange information and giving and receiving advice just with a click of a button.

the fun el in zukulMy Finances

My finances is at the bottom of the my account settings. This is where is shows in detail, your earnings, where you can make withdrawals, your e-wallet, any pending statements, your invoices, where you can upgrade, statement and where you can transfer funds. It is really easy to use and it comes in a simple layout for you.

Support Ticket

This is a great addition as this is where you go to get some support if something is wrong or if something is bothering you. Here you can receive fast and solid advice and if anything needs fixed they will assure you that it will be fixed ASAP and it most definitely is. Or you may just want to inform them that you noticed or tell them how great you are getting on. They have a great attitude when taking any critic or if any trouble arises as they will let you know. I feel that this company has one of the best support systems out there and any tickets that you sent or received you can see in this section.

There is a category which shows different options relating to you support submission to choose from it may be something in your tools like social sniper or it could be abuse there is a long list. 

Now here are just a few key Tools that are provided in Zukul. All of these tools can be found in the My Tools tab which is at the top right of the page

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Facebook Ninja Pro

Facebook Ninja Pro is one of the most significant tools that is in zukul. This saves you a lot of time writing out mostly the same post for each Facebook group that you want to advertise in. With this easy to use tool, you can do this fast and easy as it automatically posts to the groups that you are a member off. This does not just mean you have to have the same post you can add different posts as well so people won’t be seeing just the same old post from you. That way you may get more valuable attention to your post and then leading to your business.

Auto Responder

This is another great aspect of the program and one that you will need and love. Well if you don’t know what this is, It’s a program that automatically sends a set response to any mail sent to that specific email address. It can send as many email messages as you would like to 1,000 subscribers, but you add more subscribers if you wish. You can add more for an extra $5 for each 1,000 subscribers. With It’s simple set up, you can customize your campaigns and newsletters to your liking. In addition you can import contact as well as much more.

Landing Page Creator

This is an excellent tool included in zukul. It offers a range of exclusive and professional landing page. You can choose zukul hosting or 3rd party hosting is also available. There are various different category’s of which you can choose your landing page from. For instance images, text, video, background and more. The best part is that you can customize your landing page to your satisfaction. You can also see your existing landing pages that you have already created.

Banner creator

Another amazing section of the many tools in this program is the banner creator. It is extremely simple and there are hugely helpful videos that will guide you to creating you banner. It doesn’t have to be for just Zukul either which is just great.

URL Shortener & Tracking

URL shortener and tracking are very useful tool to have and all business that want to promote a successful page will need it. It is very easy to use, all you need to do is just follow the simple step by step video on this page. When you have shortener your URLs, you will then see a list of your URLs and see the visits you got and actions you may want to take either to duplicate, delete or edit. There is also another very handy tool and its the rotator, it rotates your various landing pages and that way people are going into your link and seeing different landing pages each time the go in or when the refresh the page.


This is a great part of Zukul, and it’s the blog. It can be fully customized and it doesn’t take long to set up. Videos are provided for you and there are step by step videos on each button in the blog section. This is making it every bit as simple as possible so that you can get the benefit from your blog. You can manage your blog posts, view and edit your account settings, customize your menu settings, view your blog, edit your homepage, manage your categories and you can have and manage any ads you may have on (maybe from different businesses). All this is with zukul and you don’t have to pay a huge amount of money, it’s just brilliant.

Social Sniper

This allows you to post to sites like you tube, LinkedIn, Google + and Tumblr plus much much more. This is also on autopilot and basically the same as the Facebook Ninja Pro except for other sites. They work hand in hand. It is just running in the background while your busy turning heads for your business. There are also great options in the Social Sniper.

There are also loads of training courses available for you to use in the Jukebox Training. This is situated at the top right of the Zukul page (just left of the My Tools button). This video training will give you the knowledge and help you with starting your own business. These videos are great for beginners and experienced marketers. It brings you right back to basics and right through to advanced training. It also gives you knowledge and advice on the programs you will need.

All training and step by step videos are provided on each tool and service tab that you go into.

Zukul review - Compensation plan

Conclusion of Zukul

What I gathered from being an active member and knowing of Zukul, is that it is one of the largest and best Traffic Generating and Lead Management websites out there. The tools and services they offer are awesome and the support services they offer are very helpful. This is, I believe that this is one that will stick around for a long time. It has everything you basically need for setting up and growing your business. My advice is, keep on the look out for this and if you want to join it’s up to you.

I hope you liked and enjoyed this post, and we will be back with another post soon. Stay tuned!!

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