What Are Revenue Sharing Programs – How They work

Today we will talk about Revenue Sharing Programs & How They Work

What is Revenue Sharing Programs

A rev share Business Model is definitely one of the most sustainable and best models out there. It will be there for a long time and it’s knocking it out of the park. This is also where you buy advertising and the company pays you a percentage of their revenue. This is not dependent on referring, but some do have a multi level marketing program in the company. Revenue Sharing programs has also made it easier for individuals to make money either by recruiting others or not. It’s basically up to you if you want to recruit or not.

You may have heard of some of theses terms when joining or looking for a Revenue sharing program


Basically when you buy an ad pack you are buying advertising for others to see and click on your landing page, video or your banner opportunity. When you have purchased your ad pack then the company actually pays you back the money in which you spent plus a profit on each pack that you buy providing that you login a click a certain amount of ads a day. This is because other company’s advertise their business on this site and they are paying money for you to login and view their ads.

Essentially this is exchanging traffic. You may be asking well when do I receive my full amount plus profit or when do my ad packs mature. All revenue sharing company’s are different but some pay you back anywhere from 120% – 200%. So when you are doing all of these things you will be building your ad packs up and receiving more and more money into your account. Remember to click your ads daily so you can collect your moneys.

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This is the amount of money that you are able to gain daily for each ad pack. A lot of Rev Share company’s daily gain ranges from 1.5 – 4%.


This is where you receive a certain percentage of pay will go into your repurchase balance and then a certain percentage of your pay will go into you cash balance. Now if you ever heard of 70/30 cash repurchase balance or sometimes 50/50 cash repurchase balance. Now this won’t be the same for every Rev Share company so check for this. Now with your repurchase balance this can not be withdrawn it can be bought for ad pack anything in the company. This is because that’s making the company stable and sustainable. Your cash balance can now be withdrawn, you may want to withdraw it or you can keep using it to grow your ad packs with your company.


This is the money that you will make back from your purchased ad packs when you click ads each day.


This is what you get when each of your referrals buys an ad pack then you get a commission. Every Rev Share company that I have known has a referral program. Thus is not just a one time thing, it’s whenever they buy an ad pack. This is also an optional thing as it is not necessary for you to refer to earn money.


This is the money you spent when you join the company and when you also first bought your ad packs. They call it seed money as overtime it will keep growing. In some cases if the Rev Share company goes out of business then they usually refund the seed money.

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This is the credits that you accumulated when you first bought your ad pack. You can use these credits for placing your advertisement that way you get eyes on it and grow your business.

The Largest Revenue Share Program In The World At This Time Is Mypayingads.com


So from my conclusion a Revenue Sharing programs is definitely on the up and is growing fast. I hope you found this information helpful and stay tuned for more valuable information.

You can have a look at some revenue sharing programs Here.

Having a Auto responder is also great for catching all referrals and then emailing them each time a new program comes out or to even update them and guide them through the programs that you are also in. Take a look at Aweber here. They Offer a 30 day free trial also. You can also view our review of Allinoneprofits as well as it might suit you if you are a newbie as its only $10 per month.

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