The Easy Landing Page Creator Reviewed

We are going to talk in this post about the Easy Landing Page Creator and Why and How it comes into play.

Firstly when people build a business they think of how successful it will become or else why would they do it!! So with that in mind, you need to get eyes on your business. You may be asking well how do I do that?

You are going to need quality landing pages to get the best responses to your business and the Easy Landing Page Creator provides that. With simple and easy to use layouts, hosting, loads of different templates to discover, step by step video tutorials on how to use this system and not to mention, it’s also easy on the pocket at just $9.95. Why wouldn’t you use it.


The owners name is Jeremy rush I’m sure you have heard of this guy or you may be just living under a rock. But I also talked about him in the other post we done. Jeremy has the experience and the knowledge to make a brilliant business model and he has done just that. With his great mind and knowing exactly what we need to build a great business. We were delighted to see that the Easy Landing Page Creator has great qualities, brilliant features and also great pricing. As well as all the options of templates.

Whats Provided

Firstly you can set up your landing page in a very short amount of time. It should only take you from five to ten minutes to do this. So its a Fast and Easy set-up which is great.

There are step by step videos on how to use this system and setting up your very own unique landing page. These videos are located all over the website and are extremely helpful.

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You can use these landing pages for mostly any business as there are various amounts of templates you can choose from. It may be promoting your online marketing business, your restaurant or your own craft shop.

It provides hosting for you and it also allows you to use 3rd party hosting if you want.

They offer different types of image, text, video and phone templates etc, as well as various backgrounds, But you can also upload your own backgrounds if you wish. This site is great as it’s compatible with devices such as iphone, android devices and ipads. See Samples Below.

showcasing easy landing page creator sample templates

Click Here To See More Samples

Easy Landing Page Creator

You can choose a unique name for your landing page so you can identify it easily in the page list. You can also include a header and a footer on your landing page for instance on the footer you may want to add in privacy policy, earning disclaimer, terms of service and contact us or you may only want to add in a few of these its entirely up yo you. An additional feature is that you can track your page with Google analytics’s or Facebook and many more.

You can also avail of the email responder that comes with it. It is a great additional feature that you will want and love. There are seo settings available for you to use to fully optimize your page this will help you to get more easily found on the web.

There are great support services offered, so if you need any help don’t be afraid to ask. However the videos that are spread throughout the site are extremely helpful for all aspects of the program.

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If your are looking for which I believe to have great and creative landing pages then you don’t have to look any further. There are great features and with the cost marked so well at $9.95 anyone can afford it.

Visit Easy Landing Page Creator

What We Recommend

We recommend when using your capture pages, always buy a domain name with your name or whichever you prefer. Then redirect your traffic to your domain were you will have your capture page linked to. You can also create sub domains as well as trying out different capture pages. We recommend this because its your own domain so if you are sharing that link it will always be your link then if you ever wanted to create a website on that domain. Then well the domain would be shared all over the internet, meaning it would be a great start for you. Plus you could always change the capture page linked to that domain and it means it won’t affect it. That way it relate to you and the official name you bought stays the same.

We recommend Name Cheap as its the cheapest place to buy them. Have a look and check domain by clicking Here.

You can advertise your capture pages in these programs also. Have a little look Here.

Hope you have enjoyed our review of the easy land page creator. If you have any questions or need help with anything, Just drop us a little comment below.

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