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You may have heard of mypayingcryptoads being the much anticipated launch in the revenue share industry to date and for good reason. There are many reasons as to why this is. One of the reasons is that it was created by Uday Nara. With Mypayingads under his belt this is sure to sky rocket to the top.

What is MyPayingCryptoAds

MyPayingCryptoAds is an online advertising company with revenue sharing includes. The company launched on the 10th November 2016. It is the second company of the admin Uday Nara which was MyPayingAds. It is much the same and have a lot of the same aspects included but it has one big difference. They have only one payment processor which is coinpaymets. This means you can only use bitcoin to purchase any services in MPCA. MPCA is a fully Bitcoin oriented advertising company and it is the first of its kind.

With the increasing growth of Bitcoin it is brilliant for a person to earn with the company but they also get paid in bitcoin so when bitcoins increase you will get more for your bitcoin. With a fantastic and experienced owner along with a brilliant bitcoin concept I see no reason why this company cannot go to the top.

Just to be clear: MyPayingCryptoAds is NOT a HYIP, an Investment, a Get-Rich Quick Program, a Matrix, MLM, Currency Exchange, Cycler, Securities Program.

MPCA is an Advertising and Revenue Sharing Program.

The creator Of MyPayingCryptoAds

The owner Uday Nara is well known for being an experienced online marketer as well as his other popular advertising and revenue sharing program MyPayingAds which launched in March 2015. If you don’t know this company or you just want to find out more, Just click below.

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Uday Nara or his full name Dr. Nalam Satyanarayana is a prominent online marketer with a PhD in Mechanical Engineering residing in Singapore.

This is the owner of my paying crypto ads

Ad Packs

The adpacks here are much the same as mypayingads and range from adpack plan 1 to ad pack plan 4. which is the same as mypayingads. However the reason why Mypayingcryptoads is so individual is because the only payment processor they accept is in the form of bitcoin. This is a plus as it is one of the safest and has the lowest transaction fees today and will just be getting more and more popular in the future. Another benefit is that you receive your earnings in bitcoins and with the increasing value of bitcoin you earn both ways. This is a huge plus for the members in MPCA.

See all adpack plans for mypayingcryptoads

All the adpack plans included in MPCA

Below is the cost of each adpack in plan 1 to 4 and what you receive in return of purchasing each ad pack.

  • Plan 1 – An adpack costs ฿0.01000000 BTC and in return you receive 5,000 Rotating Banner Ad Credits. You receive up to 120% Revenue Sharing Rewards (Non-Guaranteed Additional Rewards). You can have a Maximum of 100 adpacks and there is no membership cost for this plan.
  • Plan 2 – An adpack costs ฿0.03000000 BTC and in return you receive 10,000 Rotating Banner Ad Credits. You receive up to 120% Revenue Sharing Rewards (Non-Guaranteed Additional Rewards). You can have a Maximum of 100 adpacks and the membership costs for this plan is 0.02 BTC.
  • Plan 3 – An adpack costs ฿0.05000000 BTC and in return you receive 25,000 Rotating Banner Ad Credits. You receive up to 120% Revenue Sharing Rewards (Non-Guaranteed Additional Rewards). You can have a Maximum of 100 adpacks and the membership costs for this plan is 0.05 BTC.
  • Plan 4 – An adpack costs ฿0.10000000 BTC and in return you receive 20 Banner clicks and 50,000 Rotating Banner Ad Credits. You receive up to 120% Revenue Sharing Rewards (Non-Guaranteed Additional Rewards). You can have a Maximum of 100 adpacks and the membership costs for this plan is 0.10 BTC.In MPCA there are no repurchase rule with any of these ad pack plans.


So when you move onto the next ad pack plan you do not have to keep repurchasing the previous ad pack plan membership cost. Therefore if you move onto plan 3 you do not need to pay for the plan 2 membership of 0.02 BTC. The same goes for if you move onto plan 4 you do not need to repurchase the membership of plan 3 of 0.05 BTC. The membership is depending on what ad pack plan you have reached.

membership available in my paying crypto ads


Members of MPCA can join the Revenue share program on buying an adpack which costs a minimum ฿0.01000000 BTC per ad pack on plan 1. In order to receive your revenue share earnings members are tasked with clicking 10 ads in the traffic exchange within a 24 hour period.

This ensures that you receive your revenue share earnings.


When you introduce a new member to MyPayingCryptoAds you will receive up to 10% referral commission. For every ad pack purchase from your direct referral you receive 6% referral commission and you receive 10% referral commission on purchases of other services from you direct referrals.

Can You Earn As A Free Member?

Yes, you can earn as a free member. You can earn by merely clicking on Cashlinks and in return you will earn a small amount of BTC into you earnings balance. You can click a maximum of 300 clicks per day. However if you are planning to build your accounts earnings this way it will be slower. But there is no reason why you can’t do it, Many people have and done it this way.

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You can also earn by referring others and in return you receive up to 10% in referral commission. For every ad pack purchase made by your direct referral you will receive 6%. Plus with every purchase of other services made by your direct referral in MPCA then you will earn 10% commission.


You can withdraw your earnings daily.
The Minimum Withdrawal Amount – ฿0.01000000 BTC
The Maximum Withdrawal Amount – ฿1.00000000 BTC

Is There A Repurchase Requirement

In MPCA there are no repurchase requirement meaning that you do not have to purchase anything after you earn in MPCA. However if you want to attain the best possible results in this company then it is advisory to use some of your earning to repurchase. This way you have a chance to max out your adpacks and start increasing your earning and income.

Who Can Join MyPayingCryptoAds?

Uday Nara has definitely raised the bar with MyPayingCryptoAds an all bitcoin oriented Advertising Site and Revenue Sharing Program. People looking for sales and leads and having services/products to promote need a company that will do this and last. With the other plus, you earn in bitcoins. MPCA has that and provides all of what you need to advertise and earn at the same time. Anyone can join mypayingcryptoads providing that they are over 18 and that the have a bitcoin account and address. You must have a bitcoin wallet in order to join MPCA as the only payment processor they use is in bitcoin.

It has a simple layout much like MPA and if you use MPA then you will find this easy if not the same. If you are not with mypayingads then it is simple to use and you will find it easy to get used to.

Is MyPayingCryptoAds a Scam?

This word (Scam) seems to be popping up in everything but NO MY PAYING CRYPTO ADS IS NOT A SCAM. It is a legitimate online business that has high quality traffic services and plus a great revenue Sharing Concept solely depending on Bitcoin. Members are availing of the services offered in MPCA and are enjoying the recently launched Advertising Site.

Well of course in any business venture there are risks involved, But My Paying Crypto Ads does not require you to spend any money as you can join for free and find out what it’s like.

Advertising Services offered In MyPayingCryptoAds

  • Banner Ads – They offer multiply banner ad plans. Including Rotating and Fixed (Sticky) banner ad packages, in 3 different sizes, (125×125,468×60,728×90).


  • Text Ads – You can also purchase Rotating and Fixed (Static) text ad packages.

buying advertising online - text adds are good

  • Login Ads – Members view these login ads every time they login in to their account. Members must surf 1o  20 seconds login ads daily.Their are 2 types of log-in ads: The 1 day Static login ad OR The 1 day Rotating login ad
  • Traffic Exchange Ads/website Credits – You can purchase a range of website credits that range from 1,000 Credits Package to 100,000 Credits Package with different price plans for each.
  • PPC Ads – There are a multitude of PPC Plans to choose from with 50 clicks and 100 clicks. You can choose banners sizes for each. Sizes include; (125×125,468×60,728×90).
  • Cash Links Ads – Here members can earn by clicking on each cash link ad. You can click a maximum of 300 clicks daily. You can also buy cash links, they range in price depending on the click plan you purchase. They currently offer click plans from 1,000 to 20,000 clicks. Therefore targeted visitors are driven to your offer.


  • MPCA is SSL Secured and has a License Script.
  • Mypayingcryptoads is a registered business entity
  • MPCA is a Legal and Safe online business.
  • This company has an Excellent concept which is CryptoCurrency. Fully Bitcoin oriented business the only payment processor is Bitcoin.
  • If there are any issues with the MyPayingCryptoAds website or any concerns relating to MPCA, Uday and his team will be sure to address these concerns and fix them as soon as possible.
  • Mypayingcryptoads offers a brilliant and exciting opportunity for anyone wanting to make money online.
  • MPCA has a revenue sharing aspect which you can earn in bitcoin
  • My Paying Crypto Ads does not require you to repurchase anything so you don’t have to buy anything after earning. This company also doesn’t require you to refer any person into MPCA. Therefore you don’t need to introduce anyone to start earning

Good Points About MPCA

  • MPCA has an extremely strong support system with the owner Uday posting regular updates on the social media community. You can find like minded people who have the same interests as you. Therefore you can ask them any questions you may have.
  • The owner Uday Nara is a trustworthy guy and is a prominent online marketer. Uday has loads of experience in the online industry and being the successful owner of the MyPayingAds. ”Viral Advertisment Site”. He is sure to grow this company MPCA to greatness.
  • A plus is that you are earning in BTC. So with the increasing value of bitcoin you may make more than you expect
  • The services available in MPCA are excellent and are what makes and sustains the business. As business owners want quality and targeted traffic.
  • MPCA is simple to use and has a easy layout for newbies and experienced online marketers.
  • Another benefit is that MPCA allows the users to earn money using free cash links. There are commissions for referrals also in the free option available.
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A video presentation of my paying crypto ads

What I Need To Create An Account With MPCA

In order for you to create an account with MyPayingCryptoAds you will need to be signed up with a bitcoin account and have a bitcoin address. The bitcoin wallet I use is Coinbase. If you would like to create a bitcoin wallet you can do so Here.

Creating a bitcoin wallet for mypayingcryptoads

To avoid any delays please use a Gmail Address for MPCA.

Creating An Account With MyPayingCryptoAds

When you click on the invitation link you will be automatically redirected to a ‘Sign Up Page‘. Refer to Image Below.

Now you need to fill in all your relevant details in the designated boxes and make sure you read all of the Terms & Conditions before registration. DON’T FORGET to tick the box for the term & conditions. Please use a Gmail address when signing up to avoid delivery issues.

Once registered you will receive an Email.

My sponsor id is 1318 – Chrisrodgers. This should appear on the sign up page. If my name or id does not come up as shown in the image below,  you will need to ‘Clear Your Cookies’ & Try Again

How to create an account with MPCA

You Created Your Account. Well What’s Next?

Firstly a congratulations is in order and Of course welcome to MyPayingCryptoAds

I will now explain in 3 short steps what you need to do to access your account

  1.  Click ‘Login’ tab (Top Right Of Mypayingcryptoads)
  2. Fill in your ‘Username’ & ‘Password’ and enter the 4 digit Captcha code and click Login
  3. View ‘Login Ad’ for 20 seconds

Please Note: Every time you login into Mypayingcryptoads you must view a 20 second ‘login ad’. If you click away from this ad or open a new tab during the 20 seconds the login ad will be paused. If this happens you will need to resume viewing by clicking ‘click here to go on watching’ and it will resume counting down. Just be sure to stay on the page.

Signing into mypayingcryptoads

What You Need To Know When You Login

So now you should be logged into your account with My Paying Crypro Ads.

As I said before once you login you will need to view a login ad. After you have done that you should start surfing the 10 ads in the traffic exchange. In order to purchase any adpacks in the system you need be surf 10 ads per day. Since you have surfed your 10 ads you can now go and explore the MyPayingAds System, buy ad packs and and advertise your businesses etc. You gain credits when you surf ads in the traffic exchange and this is to advertise your Businesses, Affiliate Products, Programs, Capture Pages etc. This is an awesome opportunity to promote your businesses or programs and you won’t be out of pocket.

The free cash links that you can click on is another great addition in the MPCA to earn some money. You can click up to 300 cash links per day. Its a great way to start earning money and be on your way to buying your first ad pack. Although it will be a slow process but it’s possible as many have done it. You can also buy cash links. This is another great way to promote your businesses and catch leads. Refer to the image below.

My Conclusion

I absolutely love MPA mostly because of the ease of working the system and with the incredible services offered. Not to mention the awesome owner Uday Nara. With this new program it is just as good and just as easy. It was a No Brainer for me to join. I honestly love MPCA and I feel it has the best advantage of being able to earn in Bitcoin. In my opinion MPA and MPCA are top class advertising sites and they will be around for a long time.

I hope you enjoyed the review on My Paying Crypto Ads. If you have any questions or you don’t understand anything, then please don’t hesitate and leave a comment below. I will get back to you as soon as possible and as best I can. Plus I can connect with you on social media to answer any further questions you may have. I would absolutely love to help you.

If you would like to join me in MyPayingCryptoAds, You can do this by Clicking Below. After you join I will personally send you a welcome Email.

Thanks for Reading & Stay tuned for more.

Hope you have an Awesome day.

Chris Rodgers

How to sign up with my paying crypto ads

Click Image Above Or Click ‘Here‘ And You Will See Another Video & Optin Form, We Will Then Send You More Info To Your Email Address. Thanks.

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