Instabuilder Review – Can It Really Help You Make Money?


Are you a business owner who is interested in designing a website? Well let me tell you about Instabuilder, Perhaps you are planning on hiring a website developer or web designing firm. Whatever your choice, you want to use website designing tools, which are available on the Internet.  For a small sum of money, they can help you design a money making website.
But, merely designing a website and running it live online will not help your cause, which is making profits for your business. How is it going to be possible when your website is not properly designed by the website designing tool? A website designing tool should not just only allow you to design a website that looks beautiful and daisy, nobody is going to bother.

You need a website that is responsive, has a high conversion rate, and more importantly get you the goods delivered. We are talking about the Instabuilder 2.0 which is the updated version of the former tool with the same name. In this review, we will find out more about this tool and how it can help your business.

About the product

It is a Word Press plug-in which can help you design professional web pages. The interface is extremely simple and can be used to display fabulous images in minutes without using codes. You can design highly converting, professional marketing pages even if you have no experience using website designing tools.
This is probably one of the main advantages of using the website designing tool as it does not require any experience at all in designing websites. It is ideal for businessmen and bloggers looking to design their own personal websites. The tool is a combination of several plug-ins which takes care of your Internet marketing requirements.

Some of the features include:

  • You can create sale-pages, landing-pages, and squeeze-pages in minutes
    You have a Facebook opt-in option
  • There are more than 100+ stunning templates to choice from
  • It comes with a beautiful optin widget
  • There is delayed content
  • It comes with split testing
  • There is also a viral download lock
  • You have point and click graphics and font style control
  • There is a auto responder integration which is a very important feature

About the developer

Instabuilder was developed by Suzanna Theresa and Martin Crumlish originally a few years ago. The software was considered by many, as simple and basic. However, since it was extremely beneficial for users, it became a very popular tool among several marketers and bloggers. Encouraged by this, she released InstaMember and InstaTheme both which are Word Press products showing the world, what she and her team are capable of developing.

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Advantages and disadvantages

The ease of use

Any tool that is easy to use is extremely beneficial. Just by spending some time using this software, you can definitely get the hang of it. Usually, those who are new to designing a website tend to find it a little bit difficult to understand the instructions and guidelines. However, this tool is a breeze. Once you take a look at their plug-in and website designing, several features including supporting selection of fonts, drop menu, highlighter, pre-defined styles, are all present.

Responsive And Professional

As a marketer, that last thing you want is a tool, which does not help you to create a brand name for your website and a website that does not help you market your business. As the main reason you are going to design a website is to market your business the tool needs to guide and provide you with the required features.

This is responsive as it is built in HTML5 and all the elements in the software are optimised for smart phones as well as the design of template is really professional, charming, and stylish. As a marketer you want your website to have high conversion rates. That is a definite. When you have a tool that enables your website to be responsive, professional, and give high conversion rates, you know it’s a winner. See examples of Templates below.

Instabuiler template examples for you to see

See More Examples Of Pages Here + Videos And More.

Excellent other features

In addition it provides you with much needed other features which are highly recommended. You can now have exit-redirect function, add a social sharing embedded to your content and functional split-testing feature. It also comes with integration using, auto-responders, a complete library of ready-to-use graphics designs, and Facebook connect & opt-in.

However, you will also want to know that it is $77 for 3 site license at this time, which is on the expensive side. You will need to pay $97 for unlimited license which is a better option. The Developer license comes in at $197 that enables you to edit anything you want and install it on client websites. You will want to know that the tool covers all the functions. If you were to make use of so many plug-ins, it will cost you a lot of money.

what price is instabuilder

Who should use this tool?

Instabuilder is perfect for bloggers using Word Press, Internet marketers, and for those of you who want to run online businesses. It is a tool which comes with the marketing element in it. If you belong to the above categories, then you will want to use it, hands down. When you will need to create a landing page, sale-page, squeeze page, other webpage elements, and video sales, then this tool will come useful.

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Built In Image Editor

In this Instabuilder system there is also a built in image editor which makes it very convenient and means you can do all your work in the one place and make beautiful pictures that stand out and look very professional which is what you want & need now a days in my opinion. This makes it worth the money as it means you won’t and don’t need any photo shop. Plus it’s great if you want to do work for clients as it won’t turn out costly. Then you’ll be making more money therefore at least your clients will be getting professional photos that they desire.

Instabuilder also has a image editor


If you would like to check it out in more detail, You can do so Here.


This amazing tool comes with several features which you don’t normally get to see in other software. The landing page builder gives you the option of designing more than 100 templates. You have also a few interesting list building features. This includes integrated image editor, content lockers and 2-step options, integrations with a lot of other marketing tools, a lot of graphic templates, options to publish the page on Facebook, and countdown timers.

When you want a Word Press plug-in to help you design HTML pages, make a pay one-time payment instead of yearly payments. Then you may be ready to miss out on few styling options which are not needed or you can do without. Using this exciting tool also provides you with excellent integrated opt-in features which are a must-have.

It is safe to say that using the Instabuilder is definitely useful for your business. With so many useful features and a simple payment method, it cannot get easier than this. As a responsible business owner you want to ensure that you use marketing software when designing your website. Unless you have a tool which can really help you design a website and help market your business, your website might not see the light of the day.

We hope that you learned something from our review today and now you can make a decision weather instabuilder is the right fit for you or not. Well that’s all from me, I hope to see you with your squeeze pages and landing pages which are having some good success. You can also check out a video Here.

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